Welcome to Homefile® 

We have just completed a redesign of the Homefile Financial Planning Organizer Kit.  We're still the same trusted product, created by the Martin family over thirty years ago with the mission to help individuals gain control of their finances. 

Homefile® Organizer Kit

• 22 Category Cards 

- Drop upright into your hanging folders*

• Quick-Find Index 

- Lists the location of over 200 items

• 48-page Handbook 

- Explains how to set up and maintain your files

- Includes a Personal Information Center

$32 (+ $10 Shipping/Handling) 

The 22 Category Cards stand upright in your file box and explain what should and should not be filed within each section. 

We offer a 20% discount if you purchase a Case of 10 Homefile® Organizer Kits

$256 per case (+ $17 Shipping/Handling)